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Introducing The West Texas Chapter

The West Texas Chapter is looking for volunteers! We want to add some people to our Chapter Leadership Committee. If you have any experience in marketing, fund raising, developing relationships, politics, or a passion to help our cause please contact us today. We need your involvement and support! 

Please contact the THLN Executive Director if you are interested in developing this chapter.

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Registration is now open for the 7th Annual Animal Advocacy Conference & Break the Chain Gala
Sep 18 - 20, 2015

Open to the public

You are invited to attend THLN's 7th Annual Animal Advocacy Conference & Break the Chain Gala at the Omni Mandalay Bay featuring workshops, exhibits, exquisite dining and entertainment, awards, live and silent auctions and more! Click here for more information and to RSVP.

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Press Release: THLN Gains Key Victories in the 2015 Texas Legislative Session

Jun 23, 2015 ~ Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 June 23, 2015, AUSTIN, TX: Sometimes, during a legislative session, helping get bad bills killed is just as important as getting good bills ... Read more.

News: Dallas legislators drop zoo and aquarium tax break bills

May 22, 2015 ~ The bills state that the goods in question are those related to the acquisition, husbandry, production, exhibition or conservation of animals. Read more.

News: Signs of a thaw as House, Senate hurry to wrap up work

May 19, 2015 ~ This article from The Dallas Morning News describes the practice of "chubbing" down at the Legislature. It was "chubbing", you recall, which prevented HB 2562 for going up for a vote last week. Read more.

News: One former dog owner's battle for justice

May 07, 2015 ~ After Cindy and Mark Boling's dog, Lily, was shot by a police officer in 2012, they have spearheaded a law that requires officer training for canines -- HB 593 needs the Texas governor's signature before it becomes law. Read more.

News: Texas bill would train police to avoid shooting dogs

Apr 29, 2015 ~ Dog shootings have attracted more attention as the nation turns a more scrutinous eye to police tactics. Body cameras footage and home video of police shooting dogs have raised questions over officers' claims of fear for their safety and have sparked calls for updates to police protocol. Read more.

News: Just Days From Slaughter, HSNT Saves Dozens Of Donkeys

Apr 24, 2015 ~ Thirty-two donkeys, originally from North Texas and set for death at a Mexican slaughterhouse, are back home and safe. Read more.

News: Texas Considers a Law Mandating Training for Police on How to Deal With Dogs

Mar 10, 2015 ~ In 2014 two hundred dogs were shot and killed by police in Texas. Perhaps the highest profile incident was caught on camera and involved a Cleburne police officer who called a pair of dogs over to him while his gun was drawn and as the animals approached with their tails up, shot them both dead. Read more.

News: North Texas lawmakers seek better cop-canine relations

Mar 08, 2015 ~ Three North Texas representatives, Helen Giddings, D-Dallas, Nicole Collier, D-Fort Worth, and Charlie Geren, R-Fort Worth, have filed bills requiring animal encounter training for peace officers after several controversial fatal canine shootings. The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement would establish and require the training. Read more.

News: Rep. Jason Villalba invites you to a special event with the Spay Neuter Network!

Feb 06, 2015 ~ Representative Jason Villalba would like to invite you to join him at the following event happening in District 114! The Spay and Neuter Network is a charity trying to help control the animal population by providing affordable spaying and neutering of cats and dogs. Representative Villalba, the SPCA's Legislator of the Year in 2013, wants the best for his furry friends of Dallas. Read more.

News: Interview on Local Insights about THLN efforts to stop animal cruelty

Jan 07, 2015 ~ Hear How You Can Help Them Be A Voice For Texas Animals! Read more.

News: Dallas animal advocacy conference sets its sights on lions, tigers and bears

Sep 09, 2014 ~ Dynamic speakers, informative workshops and fun networking activities were all on tap at THLN's 6th Annual Advocacy Conference which was held September 5-6, 2014 at The Highland Dallas (formerly known as the Hotel Palomar) in Dallas, Tx. This annual conference is a one-of-a-kind event where animal welfare advocates from across the state gather to sharpen their skill set and connect with others who share their passion for protecting animals. Read more.

News: PAWS For A PURRpose WFAA Interview

Sep 08, 2014 ~ Rick Bousquet, THLN's Executive Director, was interviewed by WFAA about the PAWS For A PURRpose art auction. Read more.

Press Release: THLN’s 2014 ‘Paws for a PURRpose’ Animal Art Event Launched

Aug 29, 2014 ~ Today, the Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN), a non-profit organization dedicated to the passage of animal welfare legislation in Texas, announced the launch of its 2014 Paws for PURRpose' ... Read more.

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News Archives

News: SPCA of Texas Critter Camp 2014

Jul 29, 2014 ~ Shelby Bobosky, THLN Legislative Chair and VP, taught humane legislation to the kids of the SPCA's Critter Camp this summer. Read more.

News: Help Prevent Dog Shootings in Texas!

Jun 30, 2014 ~ Texas leads the nation in dog shootings by law enforcement officers, and according to the National Canine Research Council, up to half of the intentional shootings by police involve dogs. Read more.

Press Release: Tethered Dogs Need You

Jun 10, 2014 ~ Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Thousands of dogs across the state of Texas only know life tethered by a rope or chain, which not only makes for a miserable existence, but ... Read more.

News: ASPCA Honors Rep. Jason Villalba with Freshman Humane Legislator Award

Oct 25, 2013 ~ Rep. Jason Villalba recognized by THLN and ASPCA for his efforts to ban animal gas chambers in Texas. Read more.

News: THLN and HSUS Present Representative Eddie Lucio with Awards

Oct 16, 2013 ~ Cile Holloway, THLN and Katie Jarl, HSUS meet with Representative Eddie Lucio in Brownsville TX. Read more.

News: Lawmaker helps end gas euthanasia of strays in Texas

Oct 16, 2013 ~ Lucio was honored by the Texas Humane Legislation Network and received the 2013 Humane State Legislator Award during a small ceremony at his office, where Humane Society of the United States State Director Katie Jarl and Network President Cile Holloway presented the awards. Read more.

News: Animal Groups Recognize State Sen. Kirk Watson

Oct 01, 2013 ~ Humane Legislator Awards Ceremony honoring Senator Kirk Watson October 1 in Austin, TX. Read more.

News: Rick Bousquet at Texas Top Thirty Show benefitting THLN

Sep 28, 2013 ~ Rick Bousquet was at Art on 5th on Saturday, September 28, 2013, for the opening reception with the Texas artists. Read more.

Press Release: ASPCA, THLN Welcome Texas Law Banning Animal Gas Chambers

May 13, 2013 ~ NEW YORK-The ASPCA(r) (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals(r)) and the Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN) today commended Texas legislators and Gov. Rick Perry for ... Read more.

News: THLN's 2013 Legislative Agenda featured in Urban Paws Magazine

Oct 06, 2012 ~ Informative summary of THLN's 2013 legislative agenda in Urban Paws Magazine. Read more.

News: News Release: Texas Attorney General Secures Agreement for Customers of San Antonio-Area 'Puppy Mill' to Receive Refunds for their Veterinarian Bills

Sep 14, 2012 ~ Puppy Love, agree to create limited $2,500 restitution pool Read more.

Press Release: The Humane Society Legislative Fund and Texas Humane Legislation Network Release Texas State Humane Scorecard

Jan 20, 2012 ~ The Humane Society Legislative Fund and the Texas Humane Legislation Network is releasing its Texas State Humane Scorecard for the 2011 state legislative session today. The scorecard provides a ... Read more.

News: Texas Bar Journal

Nov 03, 2011 ~ Animal law is often perceived as “dogs and cats” law, which occupies the work of some lawyers, but it involves all animals — farm animals, ocean life, and wildlife. Read more.

News: Over 600 People Celebrate Puppy Mill Awareness Day in Austin

Sep 30, 2011 ~ Rescue organizations and advocacy groups come together to continue public education about puppy mills and backyard breeders. Read more.

News: Highlights of the Successful THLN Efforts to Protect Texas Animals

Aug 17, 2011 ~ The Texas Humane Legislation Network’s (THLN’s) successful efforts to protect Texas animals through advocacy, education, and legislation. Read more.

Media Coverage: HB 1451 Rules Being Outlined to Cut Back on Texas Puppy Mills

Aug 12, 2011 ~ In an interview with Executive Director of the Texas Humane Legislation Network Monica Hardy, the driving force behind HB 1451, the intentions and applications of the law were outlined. Read more.

Media Coverage: Midland Groups happy about animal cruelty bills on Perry's desk

Jun 07, 2011 ~ Members of the West Texas group and area supporters spent the past several months petitioning lawmakers to support tougher restrictions on puppy mills and cockfighting activities, said Kim Kempton, president of the Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN) area chapter. "We were delighted," said Lynda Webb, a member of the West Texas chapter of THLN. "With all of our budget problems, we are thrilled that the animals actually had a voice in this session." Read more.

News: Parties find common ground on animal-rights legislation

Feb 18, 2011 ~ Reps. Senfronia Thompson, a liberal Democrat from Houston, and Wayne Christian, a conservative Republican from East Texas, have each authored legislation endorsed by statewide and national animal rights groups that pushed their platform at the Capitol on Thursday. Read more.

News: Tell eBay to stop selling puppy mill dogs

Feb 18, 2011 ~ Sign the Petition! Tell eBay to shut down its sales of cruelly treated puppies and all live animals. Read more.

News: TVMA Supports Solution to Puppy Mills in Texas

Feb 18, 2011 ~ Representative Senfronia Thompson filed House Bill 1451, supported by the Texas Veterinary Medical Association, concerning commercial breeders. Read more.

Video Gallery

THLN Who-We-Are

About This Video:

This video summarizes what we have accomplished and what lies ahead for the Texas Humane Legislation Network. THLN works tireless to protect animals through legislation, education, and advocacy.

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For the Love of Dogs - Episode 11

About This Video:

Skip Trimble of the Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN) stopped by to discuss with Arthur and Farah of America Dog Rescue some of the specific reasons why puppy mills are not a humane option for breeding puppies.

Skip also provided some practical advice on how to avoid supporting a puppy mill the next time you add a new furry friend to your family.

  • Adopt from shelters and breed-rescue groups.
  • If you do buy a puppy from a breeder, visit the breeding facility and ask to see the mother of your puppy so you can see for yourself how the dogs are treated. Support breeders who treat dogs humanely.
  • Report any dog or cat breeder that does not have a TDLR license to TDLR and ask that they investigate.
  • Share this information with your friends and visit

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2010 - The Puppy Mill Problem

About This Video:

Puppy Mills Breed Misery on Many Levels

The pet overpopulation problem will only get worse if puppy mills thrive. While thousands of dogs are destroyed in animal control facilities throughout Texas each year, underground puppy mills in untold numbers churn out thousands of puppies each week to be sold at pet stores, on websites or through newspaper ads.

These mills, operating in deplorable conditions that are both unsanitary and inhumane, flood the pet market with unhealthy puppies who often bring with them serious medical problems and possible tragedy when even the best of medical care is not enough to save them.

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HSUS Expose - A Puppy Mill Insider Speaks Out

About This Video:

Timmy Bullion worked in Virginia puppy mills for years and is now telling the story of what really happens to the dogs inside.

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National Geographic - Cesar Millan, Dog Whisperer, Exposes Puppy Mills

About This Video:

Cesar's work with Last Chance for Animals results in happy endings for rescued puppies.

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Photo Gallery

May 7 2011 + Paws on the Patio Fundraiser

We had a fantastic event Saturday at the Clear Springs Restaurant in Midland! This was a very successful event - lots of people turned out with their dogs despite the 100 degree weather. We had 60+ items on our auction table, gave out door prizes, handed out "to go" goodie bags for the dogs; lunch was a wonderful catfish buffet with all the fixings, and we raised a total of $6,000!! Plus, we had a very special guest, Monica Hardy! The event was so much fun and the local CBS station interviewed Kim for the nightly news! Great media coverage! Our chapter did an extraordinary job with promotion, decorations, silent auction, tickets, door prizes, merchandise sales and doggie goodie bags for the participants! Thanks for a job well done! All of us appreciate the hard work on making our third annual event a huge success!!

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